Issue 139, November/December 2014

On the Cover

Peopling the Past

Our cover blends images from an opera in Cardiff (Island of Glass) and a crowdsourcing website (MicroPasts) – two of the many ways in which archaeologists are talking about the past.

Among Other Stories

Alan Garner

The writer who blends fantasy, myth and history, about to celebrate his 80th birthday, explains why most of his close personal friends are professional archaeologists.

Bronze Age Grave on Whitehorse Hill

A burial cist found eroding from the ground in a remote part of Dartmoor turned out to contain some of the best preserved prehistoric grave goods from northern Europe. We report on an exceptional excavation.

Battling the Waves

The UK has lengthy and richly historic shores, and the seas are rising. We describe the growing archaeological challenge presented by coastal erosion.

The Cranbrook Conundrum

Excavation in Nottingham in the 1960s revealed 70 human skeletons. No explanation could be found, but they appeared to be early medieval and the bodies had been buried in haste. The Council for British Archaeology’s Mick Aston Archaeology Fund allowed research finally to solve the mystery. Up to a point…

Hallam Ashley, Photographer

We feature the wonderful documentary photography of Hallam Ashley (1900–87), highlighting little-known collections at the Castle Museum in Norwich.

A Tale of Two Camps

New investigations at second world war camps in Jersey and Norway, at Lager Wick & SS Strafgefangenenlager Falstad.


Excavation in suburban Cardiff uncovers remains of an early neolithic causewayed enclosure, only the sixth to be confirmed in Wales – The latest on an exceptional cache of Roman jewellery hidden under the floor of a house in Colchester burnt to the ground by Boudica’s rampaging armies – Conservation work and a spectacular discovery have brought renewed attention to a remarkable artistic tradition in early historic north and east Scotland.

Regulars Include


What to do about A-level archaeology

Greg Bailey on TV

The Richard III franchise continues


Defending a planning system against change


Galkoff Butchers, Liverpool


An alien priory in Bedfordshire, and Richard III’s grave


What to do about rude archaeology?


The UK's only archaeological events listing, with exhibition reviews.

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